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Our Success
  • About 50% of Ivy Garden kindergarteners are accepted to CPS gifted programs annually—that’s over five times the acceptance rate (less than 10%) for all applicants.

  • The majority of 6th-graders trained in Ivy Garden are accepted into CPS Academic Centers such as Whitney Young Magnet High School. In the past years since the inception of our training program, more than 10 of our students achieved a perfect score of 150, placing them in the top .04% of all test-takers. Theoretically, only two students in the entire city of Chicago would have earned such an honor in any given year.

  • Starting in 2014, we began our Selective Enrollment Test Preparation Program. It was a great start. All of our trainees won admission to Selective Enrollment High Schools, including one student who entered Walter Payton (the most selective high school in Chicago) with a perfect score (900). We carried momentum into 2015. All of the trainees were once again admitted to the Selective Enrollment High Schools. Since then, at least one of the 8th graders attending Ivy Garden after school program achieved a perfect score of 900 every year. In short, Ivy Garden has a 100% success rate preparing students for admission to the fiercely competitive Selective Enrollment High Schools. On top of that, we have students achieving perfect 900's annually. 

  • In our annual surveys, parent customers gave us an average satisfaction rating of 9 out of 10, a near-perfect score.

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