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About Us

Ivy Garden Learning Center is a revolutionary education provider offering premier preschool and after-school learning.

Unlike traditional daycare centers (which offer zero or minimal academic prep) and Supplemental Education Services (which target struggling students), we focus squarely on academic prep, physical development, moral education, and social skills enhancement.

Preschoolers: Besides physical, moral, and social skills development, we prepare preschoolers (6 weeks to 5 years) fully for kindergarten, including but not limited to reading, math, science, social science, and social skills.

School-age children: We build strategically and comprehensively on school-age children’s academic foundation to ensure they are ready to make the most of their high school years and beyond.

After a decade in operation, Ivy Garden has already become an exemplary player in the elementary education arena. We have consistently impressed parents, students, and educators with our superb results on a wide range of measures:

  • Assessment of Preschool intelligence/development readiness

  • Admission to top-rated elementary school gifted programs

  • Admission to top-rated middle schools (academic centers)

  • Admission to top-rated high schools (selective enrollment high schools)

  • Students report cards

  • Illinois standardized aptitude tests (NWEA and others)

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