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Frequently Asked Questions
If my child only attends three days a week, can we pay reduced tuition?

We charge for our programs on a monthly basis, allowing students to attend as many days per week as they would like.

How would my child get to Ivy Garden for the after-school program?

We pick up school-age students from their schools and transport them to our nearest location on a complimentary basis. All Ivy Garden vehicles are approved by Illinois childcare licensing agents, and all drivers are certified, with careful background checks.

What are your hours of operation?

Hours vary by center location. Please call the individual center of your choice for more information.

Does Ivy Garden offer food to students?

For children who stay in our centers all day, we offer breakfast, lunch, and healthy snacks. Students in our after-school program enjoy a healthy snack.

Does Ivy Garden guarantee admission to an Academic Center or specific high school?

We are proud of our high success rate but recognize that winning acceptance to any competitive program requires a combination of student aptitude and drive, along with the efforts of parents and Ivy Garden. In short, we can boost your child’s chances of admission dramatically, but can’t guarantee it.

Does Ivy Garden accept students who want to apply for state childcare support?

It varies from center to center. Please call the individual center of your choice for further information.

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